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What is next in your career?

What is next in your career?

I bet many of you thought about the future and how to develop your career. You have your client base, possibly a salon or nail room and beautiful portfolio. What to do next?

There are so many ways to make better version of yourself. Nowadays, you can choose from many companies who are offering to become part of the nail industry team. All of us had inspirational educators who have contributed to who we are today. If you want to give back what you gained from many courses and establish higher position in your area between the nail technicians, maybe you should try to be an educator, but not in any company (there are so many tricks, so always check contracts...). How about of becoming an educator in globally successful, leading professional nail brand? Company which not only be your career supporter, but most of all loyal and honest friend.

I would like to believe that Crystal Nails is your answer to all of that questions. We have hard working team of nail artist who have passion to the beautiful nails. This is very important, because being a Nail Artist (especially Crystal Nails Nail Artist) is more than a profession, it is a lifestyle!

Our Team of Educators can offer you support and progression through internal training opportunities, as well as proven International Educator programmes (who would say no to creating a beautiful designs all over the world?!) with real progression and promotion possibilities.

We do not have hidden hacks or tricks. None of our Educators is paying membership fee.

Please, choose wisely your next steps in the ladder. Do not forget that it does not matter which option you will choose – we will always give you our support!

Amanda Hawtree-Taft Absolute Master International Educator, says:

 “Honestly - one of the best experiences of my life! I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy to achieve. I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy to do! But..... If you are prepared to put the effort and work into it then it’s the most rewarding, challenging and satisfying things you can do!!! 

You have to want it thou - and you have to care about helping others! 
If that is you - can’t wait to welcome you to the amazing team.”




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Jan 25, 2018



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