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Hard Gel Expert Comments - by Karina Perematko

Hard Gel Expert Comments - by Karina Perematko

Hard Gel - Expert Comments

By Multiple Champion and Absolute International Master Educator, Karina Perematko

Preparation for using gel on nails


Use Preseptic Spray on your client and yourself.

Take cuticle pusher and push back cuticle then remove all the length from the free edge of the nails with a wooden file.

Remove all shine from the natural nail bed with Professional Blue file 150/150 or Xtreme green 180/180. Then apply Spray prep or Nail prep and wait until you see a chalky finish. When it is dry apply Acid Free Primer to natural nails and cover the free edge.

Make sure that you do not apply too much to the surface because it can lift your products.

When your preparation is ready you can work with the nail form - the one you choose will depend on what you are doing with the shape and length.


We have 4 different types of Nail Form: Salon form, Butterfly Form, Stiletto form and brand New Wonder Competition Form.


All of 4 nail forms are amazing - they are all my favourite!


Now onto the gels!


We have a transparent, medium-thick special Xtreme builder gel.  This latest generation of gel was developed to allow you to create longer and thinner nails.  It is a clear (with a bluish tint) one-phase gel; a slow moving, medium viscosity gel. It provides you with maximum control which is essential for high quality work and it is also great for competition nails.

It is the strongest of the Crystal Nails Builder Gels.


The Titanium Clear Gel is good for clients who would like to have long nail extensions in one colour.  Or, if the client would like to have a French Nail extension, I would recommend you use Titanium Clear gel to extend the nail extension, Rocky Cover Light to make a nail bed extension, Xtreme White (Cold White) for the free edge and cover again with Titanium Clear Gel. I love the Titanium Gel because of its perfect adhesion and the ability to be pinched into shape. It is easy to work with as it does not run. It also has added benefits of being hypoallergenic and causes no heat spike.


The Builder Clear Gel is a transparent, medium viscosity, one phase, high gloss, crystal-clear builder gel. It is self-levelling for ease of application, building the correct apex and causes no heat spike.  I recommend this gel because it is good for salon gel overlay or French Nails. This gel is crystal clear - it does not have a bluish tint like the Xtreme Builder Gel. For French Nails I recommend you use Builder Base Cover Pink, which has an amazing colour and is suitable for all skin types, Builder White (Warm White) and cover with Builder Clear.  The curing time between each layer is 2-3 mins under UV lamp / 1-2 min under dual or LED lamp.


Finally Crystal Nails now has an amazing new product - the New Builder Base Gel, which is a strong adhesion Crystal Nails base gel.  It is a newly developed gel with inconceivable adhesion; you can feel confident that any adhesion problems of your clients nails will have been resolved when they leave the salon.  It is a thicker base gel and due to the shorter brush, the base gel is easier to apply thinner, smoother and more precise. You can use this Builder Base with any Crystal Nails gels.


All of Crystal Nails gel have a curing time of 2-3 mins under UV lamp / 1-2 min under dual or LED lamp. If you want to pinch the gel its curing time is 35 secs under UV lamp / 20 secs under dual or LED lamp, then pinch with the pinching tool, apply clump and cure for 2 mins under UV Lamp or 1-1.5 mins under dual or LED lamp.


Removal of gel


As it is hard gel it cannot be removed with acetone or special liquid.  I would remove

half of the product with an E-File Drill and half the product by hand using an Xtreme Blue 150/150 then change to Xtreme Green 180/180.  Afterwards, take a softer buffer and buff. 

I always recommend to leave a little bit of product on the nails.  Why?  Because the nails stay a little bit stronger and the client can still do everything they are used to doing.  If you remove all the products completely the client may not feel confident because the nails will be thin and soft.  If you do have to remove all of the gel make sure that your client uses cuticle oil to make the nail stronger.


How do you need to store your products?


Keep products from direct sun lights, because the UV light from sunlight will cure all your gel.  Also make sure you keep your UV or LED lamp away from products.  When you finish working with the gel make sure you close your bottle correctly and keep them in closed storage or in your desk.


With Love,


Multiple Champion and Absolute International Master Educator,


 Karina Perematko



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