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Christmas Business Tips

Christmas Business Tips

Christmas is magical time when we would like to spread the joy and happiness to our customers.

Dear Nail Techs,

Probably every year you have “problem” as the nail technician – gifts to your loyal customers. Some of you might have set items and give away this same package. It is easier and faster this way. But why don’t you add some personal touch to make your clients feel special (not to say spoiled:).

Here you have a few ideas for perfect presents, which will allow you appreciate your clients:

  1.        Personalised Christmas Card

There are so many websites, which will design your original and unique business Christmas card with your logo and personalized wishes. If you feel a little bit fancy, you could decorate your card with pictures of your Christmassy art or funny selfie. Let’s get creative!

  1.        Personalised chocolates

Very similar to previous option, but sweeter J

  1.        Set of nail files with cuticle oils nicely wrapped

You could attach handwritten note with best wishes or Christmassy jokes.

  1.        Surprise Treat Package

Wrap in non-see through package some bits, which will make your customer smile and bring some holiday enjoyment. If you know your clients well, you can attach their favourite polish nail or little hand cream. But do not forget about cheeky candy or choc!

  1.        Voucher – simple, but sophisticated solution if you will do this in the right style!

Again, let your imagination to work! You can offer so many discounts with the treatments,

2 for 1 or one time deal of 20% off on selected treatments. Make your unique voucher and attach to your pretty Christmas Card.

Think about yourself when you are opening the present and feeling this pinch of excitement. You are feeling special! This few ideas will help to express your appreciation to your clients!

Believe us, this will make a bigger effect than the most expensive marketing campaign.

Have a look for the inspiration on our website.

Click here to get an inspiration.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


CrystalNails Admin

Dec 11, 2017

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