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Fluffy Effect CrystaLac - Winter Season 2017

Fluffy Effect CrystaLac - Winter Season 2017

From Now on you can create a unique wintery designs with one simple Crystal Nails product.

You cannot find it anywhere else!

I must admit that the winter season is open and it is a good time to introduce you with the Crystal Nails UK new products range. I am pretty sure you already had a peek on our website, but I want to show you some more details about NEW CrystaLac ANGORA in four different shades!


“NEW! Angora CrystaLac fluffy effect CrystaLac

Fluffy 3 STEP CrystaLac effect. With them you can create super winter sweater designs besides the classic Christmas patterns.   Can be combined with RoyalCream gel in order to create unique winter designs. Cure time in the UV lamp 2-3 mins, in LED:

1-2 mins (according to the strength of the lamp).”


Also, I would like to share with you one very good tip!


For the unique pattern, which could only design YOU for your customers you must combine ANGORA with any RoyalCream.


Have a look on our Crystal Nails designs with these products. They will amaze not only you, but all of your customers!!! 

Click here to get yours ANGORA

CrystalNails Admin

Nov 21, 2017



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