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2017 Autumn–Winter Trends The Power Of Colours!

2017 Autumn–Winter Trends The Power Of Colours!

A new spirit of amazing and stylish nails is here for Autumn/Winter at Crystal Nails UK.

Meet your new soft but expressive palette of the colours. This year Crystal Nails created four stylish kits that every glamour nail technician wants to have for their clients!

Let me start from 2017 Trend Autumn/Winter One Step Kit.What an explosion of colours! The trendiest shades that you cannot missthis season. You can recommend this tonality for ladies who loveswarmer shades

(ohhh.. this NEW 1S54 Chestnut Puree makes me feel so excited!).




The second nuance is 2017 Trend Autumn/Winter Crystalac Kit for those who wants to be always on the top of the trends and prefer longer colour lasting or simply do not have time for quick appointment with the favourite nail technician. This kit includes sparkly GL2, classic 3S31, NEW 3S70 and NEW 3S71. It is perfect for elegant and confidence ladies. You will not regret of getting those colours!



There is lots of going on with our Royal Gels recently (check our new colours on the website!). However, I would like to introduce you to the classic collection of royal gels 2017 Trend Autumn/Winter Royal Gel Kit - R47, R55 and WATCH OUT….  The NEW colours R107 and R110.  Those two cold shades are perfect not only for the business meeting, but for a date too!





I will tell you now about my favourite 2017 Trend Autumn/Winter Colour Gel. That’s right Ladies (and Gents!)… FD8, 192,214 and dark sexy 232.

This kit includes salon hit colourways and season trend in one very smart box! Those shades will go along with your trendiest clothes this season.  Choose Crystal Nails Colours and do not worry anymore of staying behind

with the latest fashion as we will keep you updated all the time!





I found myself very difficult to decide, which trend kit will be my favourite this season -the sparkles of FD8 and very cheeky Chameleon Thermo 232

(Did you know that it has a different colour on the warm nail bed, then the cool free edge? How cool is that!) made a way to my heart.

However, I am very curious person and I decided that the next trendiest Autumn/Winter colour

on my nails will be………………………………. Royal Gel R110 from royal gel kit. WHAT WILL BE YOURS???

Get Yours HERE




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Sep 28, 2017



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