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Nail Art Accessories

Nail Art Accessories 

Perfect for blending colours and for storing materials for later use. 

£ 11.20

Replacement Mixing Compartments for Mixing Palette Replacement magnetic metal compartments tailor-made for the new Mixing Palette. Perfect for blending colours and for storing materials for later use. As they are removable, the metal compartments are easy to clean.

£ 2.80

This colourless liquid diluted with acrylic paint will slow down its drying time. Drop a pin head amount to your paint (the more you add the slower the drying the paint will be). Comes in handy in a warm working environment.

£ 4.95

Sophisticated appearance; lacquered; snow white coloured; magnet closed portfolio book; holds up to 120 tips. As it can be closed the light does not reach the tips so they will not fade or be contaminated. The tips for use with the portfolio are the same length as salon nails so they can help you in the selection. (The Display Portfolio Book does not include the tips, you can buy them separately.)

£ 14.10

Replaceable sponges on both ends Comes equipped with four sponges you can buy separately. Perfect for creating beautiful colour gradients on any base coat with Art Gel and RoyalCream Gel and for Baby Boomer gel polishing with Cover Pink Base Gel and White Art Gel as it marvelously blends Art Gel. The official cleaning method, one drop of cleanser than with the kitchen roll clean the paints off, after around 1 hour will get back the...

£ 19.60
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