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Professional Accessories

Professional Accessories 

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New Transparent C-curve Holder Keeps the c-curve in place during the product curing. As it is transparent, the UV light can go through ensuring all the gel fully cures. Tool of the World Champion! For the Perfectly Curved Nails

£ 6.90

NEW! Triangle tray for storing micro beads and Pixies. Triangle tray for storing micro beads and Pixies with Crystal Nails logo. Useful tool to avoid mislaying the surplus of decorative materials during decoration. Beads can be easily poured back into the jar keeping the nail technician's table clean.

£ 1.10

NEW! Premium dust brush. It is compact, thick head removes the dust completely after filing. Gentle to the skin so it gives the client a pleasant feeling. Its ergonomic design makes it an easy-to-use hand tool and allows four fingers to be dusted at the same time.

£ 7.20

NEW! Black colour display with ring. The black version of our 50 pcs display tips. The advantage is that the nail technician do not have to paint the tips black prior to painting the designs. Makes the practice and presentation of some decorating techniques easier and faster.  It's really easy to hold the tips by their handle and the practical metal ring keeps the finished tips together.

£ 7.10

White cotton towel with stitched CN Logo

£ 4.40
Out of stock

More durable than original table covers, reusable and looks nicer. It is waterproof so it won’t let the materials that drop down to leak through onto the table. Specially created for nail technicians. 50pcs in a pack

£ 6.00
Out of stock

Terry hand rest with stitched logo

£ 9.30

Crystal Nails terry towel 100% cotton Delicate, soft material, dust will not be that visible on this towel.

£ 8.10

Terry hand rest with stitched logo

£ 9.30
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Liquid container with double sided wall that will keep its temperature so that your acrylics setting time will not speed up in the summer or slow down in the winter

£ 9.30

Cotton pads covered with foil. Pads need to be soaked with Acrylic Remover and placed over nails. Will enable precise fitting so it it will save you on products with this removal method Use it to soak off acrylics, Easy Off, CrystaLac

£ 14.00

Crystal Nails quality, with thick point that can be replaced

£ 5.75

Crystal quality, with thick, removable tips

£ 0.50
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Professional Accessories for Professional Nail Technicians.