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Real Hair Art Brushes

Real Hair Art Brushes 

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Natural hair, top quality sharp point brush. Use for small precise 3D acrylic work and Gel design (one brush for each technique)

£ 17.50

Very short, needle sharp, natural hair. Perfect for acrylic painting.

£ 12.90
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Natural hair pointed brush (7.5mm). For painting acrylic lines, outlines, contours and shades.

£ 13.50

Natural hair short brush (6.5mm). For fine gel lines, paintings.

£ 13.50

Special hair brush developed for the Aquarelle painting technique.

£ 12.60
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Art Design Brush: Smaller version of the barbara 2 brush 0.2”; may need preparing.

Barbara 2 Brush: Narrow sharp tipped art brush 0.27”; water based painting; fine lines and shading; needs preparing

Twixi Brush: Specially narrowed sharp tipped brush 0.43”; great absorbency; water based paints; fine lines and shading

P Brush: Very soft haired brush with sharp tip 0.55”; greatest absorbency; backgrounds, lines, shapes; water based paints

A3 Brush: Flat with sharp point; for larger design gel or acrylic

Mini 3D Brush: Flat with sharp point; for smaller design gel or acrylic