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Metal Accessories

Metal Accessories 

Heat treated, hand manufactured, stainless steel - use for acrylics and acrylic paints - colour gel lines and dots TIPP: blunt its sharp point before first use on a used file

£ 9.30

Heat treated, hand manufactured, stainless steel

£ 10.00

Made with stainless steel, hand manufactured and heat treated

£ 8.80

Decoration NeedleNail art needle and dotter, multi-use tool acrylic painting, acrylic and gel design. An essential for all nail artists.

£ 9.30

Easy to control when you cut forms or cuticles.

£ 5.30

Clip natural nails or longer enhancements with the help of this Nail Clipper.Handy to be used for extreme shapes and long nails that won’t fit in the tip cutter.Practical handle that will collect the waste.

£ 7.70

CN Manicure Scissors - JAPANESE STEEL Japans traditional methods and long history of blade making dictate the grade of steel used for specific needs and preference. This is the secret of the sharpness, cutting performance and longevity of their scissors.  Crystal Nails chose these quality scissors after exhaustive consultation and selection for your performance.   

£ 14.50
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