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Soak Off  

To be used over CrystaLacs, colour gels and acrylic powders Create shine free, matte finish in no time. The original colour applied underneath will remain vivid. It will not lose its matte finish and the shine will not reappear as opposed to original matte lacs. Opens up a whole new world of effects! Your must have product if you love matte finish.

£ 15.80

The shine gel for One Step CrystaLac! (Optional) The ultimate supershine clear flexible top gel Fully soakable Leaves no sticky residue after curing Specially developed to give the option of increasing the durability and shine of the ONE STEP CrystaLacs The gel contains ingredients that have an optical brightening effect, which will brighten white and lighter colours, and make darker colours even more vivid. Not to be used over One...

£ 21.15

NEW! MattEver Matt Top Gel  No cleansing, soak off matte top gel With this non-cleansing, soak off, flexible matte top gel you will be able to obtain a longer lasting matte effect than ever before. You can use it over gel polishes, hard gels and acrylic as well. This non-cleansing product offers a new way to decorate/design with it. Cure it nail by nail. Cure time: UV: 2-3 mins, in LED: 1-2 min...

£ 14.80

Cleansing-free, soak-off super shine Cleansing-free, soak-off, medium viscosity, transparent top coat that keeps its spectacular shine for weeks.Non-yellowing. Does not require cleansing after curing.Perfect for acrylic and gel nails and 3 Step and One Step CrystaLacs, as it does not give a blueish-purplish tint to darker shades.Cure time in UV: 2-3 mins. In LED: 1-2 mins

£ 14.80
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