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Synthetic hair brush for smaller nails and decoration

£ 11.60

Diagonal slanted brush: perfect for creating smile lines with gel or acrylic paint.

£ 10.50

Synthetic hair brush. Stronger hair and wider: ideal for use with tick viscosity gels.

£ 13.70
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Thickest Crystal Nails brush! Professional nail technicians and competitors dreams have come true with this new brush! The brush has Xtreme thickness, with a tip that rolls into an accurate point. Made of the finest hair this brush has a light wooden handle, and comes with a metal cap to protect the brush head.

£ 32.70

9 piece selection of nail art brushes, ideal for use with gel design. 9 brushes for the price of 2!

£ 13.90

Italian designed rounded haired brush. Made for fine but fast colour gel application. The extraordinary hair and design of the Nero Merlo brushes ensures precise work with gel. Create the smile line easier due to its cambered shape.

£ 15.30

Short synthetic hair brush (6mm) use with aquarelle paints or gels to create thin lines and designs

£ 8.60

Long synthetic hair brush (10mm) use with aquarelle paints or gels to create thicker and longer lines and designs

£ 8.60

Special hair brush developed for the Aquarelle painting technique.

£ 12.60

The famous 'One Move Brush' from Crystal Nails.

£ 12.60

The famous 'One Move Brush' from Crystal Nails.

£ 10.90

The famous 'One Move Brush' from Crystal Nails.

£ 12.60

Brusytal Nails Brush Cleaner: max cleanin effect with orange oil!Maximum cleaning and extending life of the brush. For use with natural hair brushes only.A highly effective cleanser liquid to help lengthen the lifespan of your brushes.Submerge your brushes for required time to remove paint or product.

£ 4.80

The famous 'One Move Brush' from Crystal Nails.

£ 10.40

New Brushes with Silicone hair (5 Types) in one set. Brushes with silicone hair for the new lace Gel. The different brushes can be used to create different  patterns.

£ 11.20

Sewed leather case with Crystal Nails logo. Folds out to show two picture frames.

£ 10.60

Brush case with a hard cover that folds out to create a brush and tool stand.Make sure you keep your brushes in the best possible condition with this portable case. Hold 30 + brushes.

£ 22.20

Practical table stand for your builder and decoration brushes,enables you to have your working brushes in easy reach at all times.

£ 4.40
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Top quality, exclusive design, good price, jewel effect, engraved logo.The brushes have their own cap and well-fixed handle for the precise work.