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Base Gels

Base Gels 

Unique development! Coloured; flexible; soak off base gel with good adhesion. Its colour is identical with the most popular Cover Pink. Main Characteristics: 1. Base gel of sculpted nails – covers any nail plate imperfections; hides regrowth line inbetween services. 2. Perfect for French Gel Polish  – no need for another base colour; with this we can skip a step; provides a perfect surface for the application of the white free edge colour....

£ 15.95

New! Builder Base Gel - the strongest adhesion CN base gel New development inconceivable adhesion: feel confident that any adhesion problems of your clients nails have been resolved when they leave the salon. Thicker base gel.  Due to the shorter brush, the base gel is easier to apply thinner, smoother and more precisely. Apply a thinner layer if being used under Crystalac; note even with a thin layer, the soak off time will be longer because...

£ 19.30
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