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Brush case with a hard cover that folds out to create a brush and tool stand.Make sure you keep your brushes in the best possible condition with this portable case. Hold 30 + brushes.

£ 22.20

Practical table stand for your builder and decoration brushes,enables you to have your working brushes in easy reach at all times.

£ 4.40

Practical table stand for your builder and decoration brushes, enables you to have your working brushes in easy reach at all times.

£ 3.00

Brusytal Nails Brush Cleaner: max cleanin effect with orange oil!Maximum cleaning and extending life of the brush. For use with natural hair brushes only.A highly effective cleanser liquid to help lengthen the lifespan of your brushes.Submerge your brushes for required time to remove paint or product.

£ 6.45

A8 Acrylic Brush – Size 8 brush made of soft, natural Kolinsky bristles. Recommended for experienced and less experienced nail technicians.

£ 29.95

Xtreme Acrylic Brush - Size 8, flat, professional brush with natural bristles tailor-made for experienced nail technicians. High-quality, hard bristles boast outstanding absorbency and enhanced compressive force.

£ 29.95

LED Light Table Lamp For professional use only. Graceful, bendable table lamp with modern design. Illuminates the entire surface of the table smoothly. It can be fixed to table top so it does not move. Energy efficient LED technology (does not bind the gel!). Accessories: Adapter and fixing panel (for fixing to the table top).

£ 67.50

Rhinestone Remover Drill Bit Easily remove rhinestones with this brand new drill bit! Gentle, won’t damage the nail even if you use it on the entire nail surface.

£ 8.40

NEW! GigaLED Table Lamp Adjustable brightness - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% light intensity settings - 24W lamp, thanks to a wide headlight it illuminates the whole work surface. "Power Memory" function (when power is switched off, the previously set brightness switches back on again). The head of the lamp can be twisted 360 degrees laterally and 180 degrees up and down. The neck can be twisted 180 degrees. Can be attached to a table.

£ 146.80
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