Crystal Nails is an internationally recognized and well-loved brand and for good reason. Beautiful colours, innovative techniques and quality tools and products combined with cutting edge style and science has created a product line like no other.

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Do you know it all? Nov 21, 2016

CrystalNails Admin


Do you know it all?
You’ve done your course, you're qualified. You’ve maybe been to college for 2 years studying all things nails. So you know it now, right?
New ChroMirror Pigments Nov 18, 2016

CrystalNails Admin


New ChroMirror Pigments
Cover Refill Nov 17, 2016

CrystalNails Admin


Cover Refill
While teaching gel courses I have noticed that many nail technicians still don't know what Cover Refill Gel is and confuse it with Cover Pink Gel. I'd like to tell you more about...


The gels adapt under different lights, creating galactic effects in stunning pigments. Join us in for a galactic space travel into the universe of colours. Magical shades in colour gel - only the sky is the limit

£ 12.00

6 dazzling Full Diamond CrystaLac colours in one kit for you

£ 16.25

Play with the colours with the help of the Chameleon gels.

£ 36.10

Italian designed rounded haired brush. Made for fine but fast colour gel application. The extraordinary hair and design of the Nero Merlo brushes ensures precise work with gel. Create the smile line easier due to its cambered shape.

£ 15.30