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Crystal Nails is an internationally recognized and well-loved brand and for good reason. Beautiful colours, innovative techniques and quality tools and products combined with cutting edge style and science has created a product line like no other.

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Success of our Crystal Nails Educators in Madrid! Oct 19, 2017

CrystalNails Admin


Success of our Crystal Nails...
October was very busy here at Crystal Nails. We attended to Olympia Beauty Show in London, which was very successful time for our brand. But that is not it! Our very...
Olympia 2017 – autumn’s biggest beauty show! Oct 06, 2017

CrystalNails Admin


Olympia 2017 –...
The first day was very busy, however we manage to spent time with everyone, who needed some advice. Our educators Karina Perematko, Karolina Tryc, Amanda...


The gels adapt under different lights, creating galactic effects in stunning pigments. Join us in for a galactic space travel into the universe of colours. Magical shades in colour gel - only the sky is the limit

£ 12.00

Italian designed rounded haired brush. Made for fine but fast colour gel application. The extraordinary hair and design of the Nero Merlo brushes ensures precise work with gel. Create the smile line easier due to its cambered shape.

£ 15.30

What's new

3 STEP (Classic) CrystaLac          Up to 3 weeks durability          Now developed to have “Better Solubility!”          Longest soak off time due to 4 layer application 3 Step (Classic) CrystaLac comes in colour matching bottles!  The colour of the bottle is exactly the same as the gel polish, so client colour choice is so much easier. Introducing the New 2017 Autumn-Winter Shades - the coolest shades of the autumn-winter season. Please...

£ 15.95 £ 11.17

NEW! ChroMirror Pigment - Rosegold Amazing shell effect with rose gold sparkles! Easy to use: apply it onto a non cleansing surface:– Royal Gel, ONE STEP CrystaLac, 0/clear ONE STEP CrystaLac, Super Shine Optic, Xtreme Top Shine and Cool Top Gel – cure it for approx. 80%- (until it is not sticky anymore but not fully cured yet) rub the powder into this surface. Apply Acid Free Primer to the nail surface or the edges and cover it with 2 layers...

£ 8.40

One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles Non-cleansing, flexible, soak-off gel polish. Super-fast and super gentle, contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Instead of the usual four layers, it is enough two apply a single layer, or maximum two layers. When applied in a single layer, it lasts for a week. When applied in two layers, it lasts for 10 days. If top shine is applied onto two layers of One Step, it lasts for 2 weeks. Soak-off takes 8-10...

£ 14.80

Bestrend Colours Winter 2017-2018 One Step CrystaLac Kit The kit contains: 1S5,OS79,1S55,1S56  

£ 30.90

Bestrend Colours Winter 2017-2018 3 step CrystaLac Kit The kit contains: 3S49,3S52,3S72,3S73  

£ 30.90

New!  Camea Gel Jewel Gels no cleansing, transparent, glittery, very dense nail art gels.   Mainly for the creation of gemstones. Can be combined with the colour base stickers. Apply them with the nail art needle. If you place any type of nail art element (glass foil, ChroMirror powder, Flakes, etc.) underneath it (to the place of application), you can get a more unique effect. Looks amazing on matter surfaces. Cure time in UV lamp 2-3 mins,...

£ 10.70

New!  Waterpro CrystaLac Clear for the professional „waterway” technique non-cleansing, soak off crystalac, for professional „waterway” technique   You can drop any type of 3 STEP CrystaLac or ONE STEP CrystaLac into this non-cleansing, soak off WaterPro CrystaLac and with a brush (0 Short or 0 Long) or with a nail art needle you can create different designs. Before using the New  Waterpro CrystaLac Clear, you have to apply a base colour.

£ 13.70

Cuticle Oil Orange (4ml) It helps to maintain cuticles suppleness, instantly restores nail gloss, and makes the nails smoother. It absorbs quickly into nails and cuticles. Limited TWO Winter Scents Limited Christmas edition. Perfect gift idea for clients. Orange and apple-cinnamon scents.

£ 2.20